SGT. ELLYSON LEAVES GRANTSVILLE DETACHMENT - Calhoun's Two Troopers Stay Put, Says Fluharty

Grantsville's State Police detachment chief Sgt. C. J. Ellyson has returned to his South Charleston duty station, according to supervisor Sgt. Dale Fluharty.

After rumors surfaced, Fluharty said he was unaware of any effort to move Calhoun's two remaining officers to Spencer.

Ellyson was temporarily assigned to Grantsville last summer after Sgt. Darrin Campbell fell from a ladder and injured his back.

Campbell has been unable to return to work with his injury.

Fluharty said no officer has volunteered to fill the opening, indicating Col. Lemon did have the option of making such a decision.

Sgt. Ellyson had been active in the county answering calls.

During his time here, he suffered an injury to his leg after a pistol discharged while off-duty.

Ellyson recently advised Prosecutor Matt Minney he threw-away critical evidence the state needed in the prosecution of John Manis Richards, who was facing charges related to the production of meth.

Ellyson indicated his predecessor Sgt. Darrin Campbell "declined to place it (evidence) in our evidence storage."

Spencer's detachment commander Sgt. John Elmore has also transfered to South Charleston.