A Harpers Ferry man who says he has discovered "the missing link," has sued the Jefferson County Board of Education.

Kenneth Smith claims the Jefferson board "restricts the teaching of pertinent scientific and historical knowledge to all students in its jurisdiction."

Smith claims the board should be teaching genetic facts, and that "the genetic normal human species, which all humans descended from, did in fact exist," according to the complaint.

The suit says Smith worked at Central Reference Laboratory in California where he was given the task of centrifuging and processing blood samples along with cultural specimens for testing.

Smith also states the Jefferson board must think about removing all of its evolutionary exhibits and declare that an American has discovered the genetic "normal."

Smith's manuscript denounces the Human Genome Project while acknowledging a greater creator.

"This Human Genome Project has indicated that humans are just a mere result of many different cellular mutations, caused by environmental effects upon our DNA compositions - Darwinism," Smith said.

Smith claims society is heading down a false genetic path of Darwinism.

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