The natural gas crisis is worsening in Clay and the Public Service Commission is stepping up to bat with a hearing scheduled Thursday regarding possible receivership for the Habjan gas companies.

The Clay Communicator reported Monday and Monday night, much of the county was without gas service.

The emergency hearing will be held at the WV-PSC building at 201 Brooks Street at the corner of Quarrier Street in downtown Charleston. Start time is 9:30 a.m.

Elderly residents were worried about making it through the night as a winter storm is hitting the region.

The emergency shelter at the Health Dept was readied again.

The Communicator reported the main line gas pressure near Clay's Go-Mart was at one pound with the line running up to Ivydale showing no gas pressure.

When school furnaces kicked on Monday morning, many houses in each community lost service. Downtown businesses and the county courthouse were without heat, and school was dismissed Monday, reported the Communicator.

Habjan's companies have been in serious decline for several years, with hundreds of complaints filed with virtually no action.