"TOBY IS A REAL HOONER" - Wagoner Given Uproarious Roast


Toby Wagoner with wife Jennifer ends his long-time
effort as the "Voice of the Calhoun Red Devils"

By Bob Weaver

Toby Wagoner has ended his radio career at WVRC radio in Spencer after 17 years, where he started his broadcast career at 14.

Calhoun sports fans honored him yesterday with a dinner and roast at Calhoun Middle-High School.

The roast was a fun, uproarious event with Jim Sullivan mc'ing the affair as "Larry the Cable Guy."

"Cable Guy" Sullivan with Toby - gittin'er done (L)
Kelly Houchin (R) with plaque recognizing him for his long-time efforts

Coach Tim Davis claimed his wife got confused about having a "roast" for Toby, and bought a giant roaster, which he presented to Toby.

Davis recalled an incident when he and Toby climbed into a wobbly press box in Ritchie County. During the broadcast, a bird flew into the press box causing excitement, with Davis describing the event over-the-air with expletives not deleted.

During a well-remembered Braxton County football game a thick fog rolled across the field, Toby and Davis were unable to see the players. "Calhoun was way ahead, and we couldn't really tell what was going on, so Toby starts filling air-time with lots of small talk."

"It got so bad, Toby began telling a story about swallowing a hot dog, which somehow came back up through his sinuses and flew out of his nose," Davis said.

Davis said Toby "Is a real 'hooner."

Roaster Coach Mike Stump at podium,
(L-R) Bryan Stern, Toby and Tim Davis

Coach Mike Stump said Toby regretted not wrestling when he was in school, declining because of his portly size. Stump then presented Toby with a sumo wrestling outfit.

Coach Bryan Stern said "What a great relationship we've had. People here love to listen to him. It has been my pleasure and my honor. He's part of Calhoun sports."

Coach Tim Moore said "If you haven't seen Toby in a dress and high heels, you've missed something. It's still on the Hur Herald," referring to his participation in Calhoun's woman-less beauty contests.

Toby said he dressed for the part at home and drove to Calhoun. "Can you imagine what would have happened if the cops had pulled me over," he asked.

A recording was played of highlights of a basketball play-off game which took the Red Devils to the state tournament, where Toby completely lost it, screaming and yelling, an outrageous, out-of-control display of his excitement.

Toby said "I became a Calhoun fan in the early 90s," and have really become connected. "It has been an honor, but I'll be back, just as a fan," he concluded.

Toby has now moved on to work for the WV Department of Health in Charleston, doing public information work.

Calhoun folks expressed appreciation
to Toby for his efforts with sports
and other civic activities