CLAY COMMISSIONER "MADDER THAN HELL" - PSC Has Refused To Deal With Gas Companies

Clay county commissioner Fran King is "madder than hell," after a large number of county residents suffered through natural gas problems with little or no heat in their homes and businesses.

The problem has been on-going for several years.

King told Charleston newspapers she is tired of hearing about old people not being able to sleep because it's cold and babies having to be bundled in lots of blankets.

King called up the West Virginia Public Service Commission and demanded an emergency PSC hearing, telling the agency the Clay situation is an emergency.

Several hundred residents has no gas service or intermittent service. Some rooms at Clay Elementary were 32 degrees or less.

The PSC has scheduled a hearing next week in Clay about the long-time problem with gas companies held by John Habjan.

The PSC has been saying for years the company needs to go into receivership, but they have done nothing.

Residents say gas lines are leaking or clogged, with hundreds of make-shift patches and in some cases, the company has laid what appears to be illegal plastic pipe.

Charleston newspapers and regional TV stations have been in the county this week covering the loss of heat during bitter winter weather.

King has indicated the PSC has done nothing to resolve the problem, which has been building for about 20 years.