Submitted by Bob Bailey

The Calhoun Fellowship of Christian Athletes held their Pre-Super Bowl party this past Sunday afternoon at the school.

The Huddle which included grades 8 through 12, danced, played football, ping-pong, volleyball, and basketball from 2 to 6 p.m. Pizza, pop, and lots of snacks were enjoyed.

Coach Bob presented the biblical account of Samson as the Work-out.

Members in attendance were, Amara Yoak, Katie Collins, Kayla Roberts (leader), Hannah Wilson (leader), Kelsey Collins, Matt Houchin, Jeremy Conley, Jeff Goodrich, Jake Wagoner, Caleb Ball, Chelsey Ball, Drew Williams, Seth Jarvis (leader), Travis Godfrey, Zach Moore (leader), Kyle Keesler, Chucky Kendall, Harold McCumbers, Justin Gerwig, Roman Rader, Kayla Hixon, Cody Cottrell, and Cam Cottrell.

Big thank-you's go out to, Jo Boggs, Joyce Williams, Tim Moore, Dave Cain, Sharon Gherke, Janet Davis, Mt. Zion Pit Stop, and Parsons One-Stop. These individuals and businesses provided donations, transportation, pizza, door prizes, and organization.