Billy Ray Hardway of Millstone, currently incarcerated for a felon in possession of a firearm, is seeking medical treatment for cancer.

"Hardway's cancer is serious," said his attorney Drew Patton.

Unless other arrangements are made, he will be receiving treatment while being held at Central Regional Jail.

Hardway was shot by DNR officer John Apgar last summer, while Apgar was attempting to serve a warrant on the man.

Apgar contends Hardway was hiding behind a door and reaching for a knife when he shot him.

Charges against Hardway related to that incident are still pending in magistrate court, said attorney Patton.

Other cases heard yesterday by Judge David Nibert in Grantsville:

- Christina Vandal, first appearance, conspiracy to commit larceny, arraignment scheduled.

- Stephen M. Bulvoltz, arraignment, motion for competency evaluation related to two counts of wanton endangerment and one count of manufacturing a controlled substance.

- George Nicholas Parsons, first appearance related burglary and 1st degree sexual abuse, arraignment scheduled.

- Mark Higgs, sentenced one-to-five years home confinement related to failure to register.

- Robert Allen Starcher, Jr., disposition, sentenced 1-10 state penitentiary for stealing 4x4, already sentenced 3-25 years on other counts in regional counties.

- Gary Lee Nicholson, evidentiary hearing regarding receiving stolen goods, court rejected plea, trial set for March.

- Dennis Cottrill, pretrial hearing related to statutory rape, trial in March.

- Sara Beecher, hearing on motion to compel misdemeanor plea, related to drug charges, case to be heard by Judge Evans.

- Joseph Kute, disposition, entitled to probation following stay at Anthony Center, related to drug charges.