SWORD-KILLER SENTENCED - Eighteen-year-old Timothy Scott Skeens of Point Pleasant was sentenced to 25 years, then apologized for using a 17-inch sword to stab and kill Walter Lee Henry in October, 2005.

He was sentenced in Cabell Circuit Court.

LAW ENFORCEMENT SHOOTS HARRISON MAN - David F. Furner, 48, of Hepzibah was killed after refusing to cooperate with authorities. Harrison County authorities responded to a domestic dispute call in Hepzibah after Furner's live-in girlfriend called for help.

She told police Furner was inside her house after she had a restraining order against him. When they entered the home, Chief deputy Albert Marano said Furner pointed a firearm at them in a threatening manner. That's when the deputies took action and fired at the man. He died from those injuries.

HUNTINGTON WOMAN SHOT IN BED - The Huntington Police Department has confirmed the identity of a woman that was shot. The victim was identified as Janet Frazier, who was in her bed asleep when shots were fired toward her residence.

Police said "She was sound asleep in her bed, laying on her side, and she just heard gunshots and felt some pain."

Investigators are not sure if Frazier was the intended target of an attack.

Police secured eight shell casings at the scene.