Calhoun Circuit Court goes into session at 9:30 a.m. Monday with Judge David Nibert presiding:

- State vs. Christina Vandal, first appearance

- State vs. Stephen M. Bulvoltz, arraignment, Rocky Holmes counselor

- State vs. George Nicholas Parsons, first appearance

- State vs. Mark Higgs sentencing, Tony Morgan counselor

- State vs. Robert Allen Starcher, Jr., disposition, counselor Rocky Holmes

- State vs. Billy Ray Hardway, status, counselor Drew Patton

- State vs. Gary Lee Nicholson, evidentiary hearing, counselor Drew Patton

- State vs. Dennis Cottrill, pretrial, counselor Drew Patton

- State vs. Sara Beecher, hearing on motion to compel misdemeanor plea, counselor Ernie Skaggs

- State vs. Joseph Kute, disposition, counselor Drew Patton

- Civil Case: Bevins, et al vs. Parsons, et al, plaintiff's motion to set aside settlement

- Civil Case: Hildreth vs. Stutler, status, counselor Orton Jones