For secure access to your mail, nothing beats having your own box at your local Post Office™.

Security. Post Office boxes protect your mail. It is kept under lock and key, and safeguarded by Federal statute.

Access. Pick up your mail any time the Post Office lobby is open. Flexibility. Want to get your mail in the morning? Get a Post Office box and then pick up your mail on the way to work. You can apply for a box at any Post Office, too. Expand your company without opening a new office — just rent a box in the cities where you do business, and then collect your mail as you travel.

Anonymity. Post Office boxes let you receive important mail that is for your eyes only, or to keep your personal or business mail private. Only you have the key.

Stability. If you move often, or travel a lot, and need to establish one place where you receive your mail, then a Post Office box is the answer. Your mail is there when you return. Value. Boxes come in five different sizes, from 3 inches by 5-1/2 inches to 22-1/2 inches by 12 inches. Check with your local Post Office to see what sizes are available. You'll find the price to be reasonable, too.

Post Office box delivery is a secure and private means of getting your mail. For more information, visit any Post Office.

Submitted by Sue Cosgrove
OIC, Millstone Post Office
M-F 7:30 a.m.-noon
Sat - 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.