By Bob Weaver

Since the Herald has been on-line we've always taken photos of the first snow, mostly at the bequest of readers who live in warmer states.

Today, we have that first photo.

One must wonder what old-timers might say about having the first measurable snowfall on January 21.

It came yesterday, not much, but enough to make the highways really slick and cause a few accidents.

Grandma McCoy was almost 100 when she passed in 1976, a vessel of weather knowledge back to the 1800s. She was able to recall detailed facts about some of the most atrocious weather ever inflicted on the human race.

"We had to burrow under the snow to feed the hogs one winter," she said, recalling another time the snow was half-way up the windows on the front porch.

What would she think about the last ten winters in Sunny Cal? Once she said we screwed up the weather by shooting that rocket to the moon.

But we did have the memorable ice storm in 2003.

Certainly, in my lifetime, most of the early years we were still having the traditional winter, first snows as early as the last week in September, a few measurable snows in October and by Thanksgiving, winter had set in until a thaw in March.

I dare not consider global warming, or I'll get those e-mails calling me an idiot.

My friend Ron Lynch says this winter has been the warmest since sometime in the 1880s, according to the National Weather Service.

He says global warming is related to weather cycles, not fossil fuels.

Nonetheless, its white and frosty in the front yard tonight, and it sure looks like winter.