WV'S ECONOMY GETS POOR MARKS - Glowing Employment Stats False Impression?

While government figures give WV glowing employment numbers, sometimes reported as the best in years, a new report has given the state's economy failing grades in several areas.

The 20th Development Report Card released last week gave the state an F how the economy performs for residents.

The state got failing grades in business competitiveness and entrepreneurial energy and positioning for economic growth.

While the report says the state enjoys moderate unemployment and job growth, a statistic held in question by the Herald for many years, it says jobs pay too little.

The report ranked West Virginia 44th in average annual pay, although some counties are much worse than the state average.

That should be no surprise, since several WV counties (including Calhoun) are among the "100 Poorest Counties In America," and others are ranked close.

The report said WV employers "bad grades" for health care benefits they provided.

The report was released by the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

The non-profit group used 67 criteria to assess how the economy helps citizens and businesses and prospects for future growth.