Former Prisoner of War and Wirt County resident Jessica Lynch gave birth to a bouncing baby girl last night at Camden-Clark Hospital in Parkersburg.

Dakota Ann weighed seven pounds and ten ounces at birth.

Last August it was announced the 23-year-old Lynch and her boyfriend were expecting their first child in January.

Lynch was an instant celebrity in the early days of the Iraq war when she was rescued in a night-time special forces raid on an Iraqi hospital.

Later, in her book, she downplayed her heroism that was promoted by the government.

Lynch joined the Army at the age of 18 to earn money to attend college. The state offered her free tuition to West Virginia University.

Her return to Wirt County was a welcome home, and likely the biggest media event that will ever occur in that community.

She announced last year she was transferring from WVU's main campus in Morgantown to WVU's Parkersburg campus closer to home.