CALHOUN WATER PROJECT GETS A BOOST - Still Short Minimum Customers

By Bob Weaver

Calhoun's $4 million water extension project has gained needed sign-ups during the past few days, according to Wilma Mace, secretary for the Mt. Zion Public Service District.

The number has gone from the original 74 to 105, said Mace, with major efforts being made to contact all potential customers along the 21-mile route.

The original number of 183 customers has been downsized to 150, according to engineer Jim Hildreth, following a more specific count of households.

Mace says 29 potential customers had declined to sign-up for the water, signing "declinations."

She said about 16 households say they are looking at participating in the project and PSD volunteers have yet to make person-to-person contact with about 45 potential customers.

"We're trying really hard to get the numbers up," said Mace, suggesting anyone with questions call her at 304-354-6822.

The sign-up deadline is January 31st.

Calhoun is at risk of losing the expansive project which would serve Rt. 16 south of Arnoldsburg and Millstone, Sand Ridge, Sassafras and Russett.

"The lenders will review the project to see if that's enough customers," Hildreth told the Herald this week, referring to the revision.

Hildreth said the $4 million package is about 80% grants with a 20% loan, "Something we're highly unlikely to see again," a mostly taxpayer supported project.