It's been quite a run.

The Voice of the Calhoun County Red Devils and the Trading Post, Toby Wagoner, is leaving WVRC Radio January 26.

Wagoner has accepted a position with state government where he says he will serve as a Public Information Officer.

Toby has been at WVRC for nearly seventeen years, and has broadcast Calhoun Sports for thirteen of those. He says, "I've got to see some great teams over those years."

Wagoner says, "I will miss everyone in Calhoun County including the players, coaches and fans. The Calhoun County community has always been great to me. I consider Calhoun County my home away from home."

Yes that's Toby (L) as MC for the Mr. Relay contest,
Toby served as MC for several years, the event is a
Calhoun County Relay for Life fundraiser; Sometimes
he dresses more conservatively, seen (right) hosting one
of many Calhoun Wood Festival concerts over the years

He says he will miss the Trading Post the most. "It's a fun show. I know we have a tremendous amount of listeners across the region many of which are from right in Calhoun County. Some of the calls make me smile, but hey even I've got some good bargains from there myself."

Wagoner says even though some things will change, one thing won't. He will still be doing some DJ and professional emcee work in his spare time, something he still loves.

"You bet, I'll be around. I will still be doing some DJ and Emcee work."

Toby adds, "WVRC has been good to me and I think I have been good for them. I'm excited about the future and have no regrets with the past. The listeners are who I will miss the most, honestly."

"You never know, I could resurface sometime down the road on the radio. One thing is certain," Wagoner says, "Calhoun fans will definitely see me at a few games."

Toby will be broadcasting ballgames right up until his last day January 26.

Those wishing to send a card:

Toby Wagoner
242 Chapman Ave
Spencer, WV 25276

Toby loses a bet and his hair (L) after a Calhoun Red Devils loss to
Roane County in 2003. The Raiders team was happy to do the shaving