A BLOCK AND GUN - Police arrested a Wayne County man who has been charged with murder, using a cinderblock and gun, shooting his victim at least four times.

The body of 54-year-old William Hayes was found earlier this week.

Police arrested Hayes' nephew William Isaac Lee Little Thursday in connection with his death, a motive not yet given.

LOOKOUT FOR ARMED HOLDUP - An armed robbery warrant was issued yesterday in Ohio County for John Vincent Boido after a TV camera caught him in the Winners Circle at Dallas Pike just after midnight.

The suspect said he wanted to cash a check and showed his driver's license. He had a gun.

Boido then took the store phone so the clerk could not call police.

Police think Boido is responsible for a similar robbery weeks ago in Marshall County at Geno's in Glen Dale and is wanted on an outstanding armed robbery warrant.

TEEN SHOT IN FAIRMONT - Fairmont Police say they do have a suspect in the shooting of a 16-year old boy.

WAJR Radio News in Morgantown reported the teenager was shot after ten Monday night in the Halard Street area.

Friends of the teen drove him to a house on East Park Avenue after the shooting and then called 911.

A car believed to be connected to the shooting has been recovered, a car with an Ohio license plate reportedly has bullet holes on the outside and blood on the inside.

The boy was shot twice in the back, but reportedly will survive.

BOSS GETS A GUN SHOVED - Kanawha police arrested a Cabin Creek man this week on charges that he threatened his boss at the state Agency for Surplus Property in Dunbar.

Ken Frye told police he was leaving his job as Surplus Property manager when he ran into longtime employee Randy L. Hughes on the parking lot.

Hughes, 50, allegedly reached into a vehicle, pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at Frye.

Frye told police that administrative action had been taken against Hughes for insubordination.

Hughes was charged with wanton endangerment and possession of a deadly weapon on school property. He was released on bond.

BOND SET FOR SON-IN-LAW SHOOTER - Kanawha Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey Walker has set $75,000 bond for Michael Ray Brisendine, accused of killing his son-in-law on New Year's Eve.

Walker said Brisendine, 57, to then be held on home confinement, to be locked up at home and not go anywhere except for medical treatment.

Brisendine shot himself after he shot his son-in-law, Teddy Ray Pauley II.

LOGAN SHOOTING BEING SOLVED - A son who went to visit his mother made a horrible discovery - his mother dead, inside her apartment in Kistler, Logan County. Sheriff's deputies say Zola Hatfield was killed at Buffalo Creek Apartments. An arrest has been made in the case.

BROTHER RATS ON BROTHER, THEN A STABBING - Police say Brian Spencer had plans to rob someone. He never got the chance because his brother caught wind of the plan and let the friend know.

Michael Spencer's deed didn't go unnoticed. When his brother found out his plan was foiled by his own sibling - he stabbed him.

Michael Spencer is recovering and brother Brian is facing a charge of malicious wounding.

MURDER IN THE FIRST - Whether self-defense was an issue was in opening statements were heard Tuesday morning in the trial of a Montcalm man facing a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of a Bluewell resident.

Jackie Lee Harrison, 30, was arrested last Feb. after the shooting death of Kevin Shawn Dunn, 26.

Dunn was renting a house that was partially owned by Harrison when a landlord-tenant dispute led to a confrontation.

Harrison fired 17 shoots from a 9 mm pistol at Dunn, then reloaded and fired another three to four shots.

Defense attorney Jay Williams said in opening statements that Harrison had acted in self-defense. Dunn, who had fallen behind in rent, became enraged when Harrison padlocked the house and started carrying his belongings outside the home.