PARANORMAL EVENT 67 YEARS AGO IN HUR - Scary Sloth Monster Makes Appearance


67 years ago there was a paranormal event on this
section of the Hur Hill, little remembered, but maybe worth recalling


By Bob Weaver, First Published 1997

In 1957, slimy and slothful, the strange creature drug its way across Slider Fork down the hill from the Village of Hur, white foam dripping from it's webbed feet, leaving large frog tracks on the blacktop.

The apparition was illuminated by flames which mysteriously appeared in the middle of the road shortly before 1 am on a Sunday morning. The only car to return to Hur in more than two hours screeched to a dead halt before the strange sight.

The long hot summer had been one of contemplation about UFO's and para-normal activity. The media had reported the historic spotting of the Braxton County monster along with weekly sightings of objects streaking across the sky, not to forget the Roswell incident ten years before.

The Sloth Monster, humanoid in size, turned its face toward the headlights of the lone car with its unidentified occupants, the creature's webbed hands swaying back and forth, dripping with white slime. One leg appeared to be injured, dragging it along.

The stunned driver, motor idling, made nary a move as the monster picked up speed and plunged into the woods. A few moments later the flames in the middle of the road died down and the driver engaged his car to move up the Hur Hill, speeding away into the darkness.

Yes, dear reader, this really did happen. On oath I declare!


Yes, it did happen.

Ronzel Lynch and I got enthralled by late night revelations, creatures, abductions, UFO's, and sundry phenomenon on "Long John Nevilles" all night talk fest on WOR radio in New York.

The program didn't start until midnight, and the guest list - well, some famous West Virginians did the broadcast from the credible Jim Comstock of the WV Hillbilly to the incredible Gray Barker of Clarksburg.

Barker published a UFO newsletter and a book about the "Men in Black," which has since been used many times in motion pictures. I met him before he died, and he was a fascinating piece of work, to say the least.

We were obsessed with the late-night talk show, which created some problems for school days having to drag out of bed the next morning.

The unexplained was a hobby, but it was was time to place the wonderment into action.

We made the decision to create the "The Hur Sloth Monster," and exhibit the creature before an unsuspecting traveler.

We went to the J&B Drug Store in Grantsville and purchased several cans of foam shaving cream, which was an integral part of the hoax. Nothing better than a slimy monster.

We waited and waited, to finally hear the sound of a car engine.

Ronzel quickly sprayed the shaving cream on my underwear-clad body, fins on hands and feet, topped off by a beanie cap with slicked down hair.

The Sloth Monster emerged from the brush moments after Ronzel dumped gasoline on the blacktop, igniting it so the car would have to come to a halt.

It did.

With acting charisma from old B movies at Cook's Drive-in, I sauntered across the road, dragging my foot, the monster form illuminated by the flickering flames and the car headlights.

At the last second, I remember panicking, with thoughts of the driver lurching his car across the flames and trying to run me down. I leaped into the hollow, briers, rocks and all, and we both ran as hard as we could.

We went home, assuring ourselves we had scared the bejesus out of a stranger, who would then alert the entire community of impending doom about the bizarre creature.

For two weeks we hung out at Charley Starcher's Store on Slider Fork and McCoy's Store at Hur, listening for the report of an alien being in Hur.

Would you believe, even to this day, all these years since 1957, we have not heard a peep.

Did it scare someone so badly, they questioned their sanity?

Or did the driver having a glow from drinking too many beers at Shaff's Place?

So, after consulting with Ronzel, we decided to 'fess up for the Anniversary of the Hur Sloth Monster.

In case there is someone out there who was affected and their lives dramatically changed for the worse - we humbly ask forgiveness for our wanton ways.