2006 - We ask readers to identify what this Calhoun game camera caught after motion caused the shutter to capture photo:

Steve wrote: "Out of focus water droplets on a cover glass, but it does look like a bunch of floating eyeballs."

Ellen wrote: "It's some of those 7 trillion spores floating out of that puff-ball mushroom on Pleasant Hill."

James from Spencer wrote that some folks may claim the "Orb Bugs" are spirits of the dead - they're not. They are small and swarming insects, such as gnats," visible about five feet in front of the camera before the shutter button was snapped.

Carl wrote: "Ladybugs. Ladybugs. Ladybugs."

Gibson wrote: "I know what this is. I have seen this many, many times. My experience has been that when a deer sneezes, moisture from the deer's lungs are blown out its mouth and into the air. If weather conditions are just right, that moisture will instantly turn into a shower of bubbles."

"The bubbles then float through the air, which create movement, thus causing the game camera to take a picture. Deer do this a lot, more than one would realize. Tip: If you are a deer hunter, pay extra careful attention the next time you hear a deer snort while you are in the woods. If you observe carefully in the direction of the deer snort, and you see bubbles floating up out of the brush, you have heard a deer sneeze."

Connie writes: "It is my sincere belief that they are most definitely something that haunts us all at this time of year. I think they are those pesky Japanese Beetles that we all call "Ladybugs"!

Meredith says "They're called 'spirit bugs.' They come out on full moon nights and make people do stupid stuff."