GAWKING DOWN THE HIGHWAY - Sights You Might Have Missed

By Bob Weaver

Traveling around Calhoun and the Mountain State, if you gawk a little, you'll see some fascinating things that will amuse you, puzzle you, irritate you or make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Here's a few along the by-ways:

This guy is wrapped up in his work

All the conveniences near Rocksdale, Calhoun County

Handy cemetery for seniors in front of Chapmanville hi-rise

An alternative to Wal-Mart in Lincoln County

Political messages that excite or irritate

Mayberry-like police cruiser used by
Cabell County sheriff for campaigning

Greenbrier County farm sign offers protest

Skeleton of Grantsville house before final knock-down

Bumper sticker van with more mind-
shattering messages, slightly edited

Another alternative to Wal-Mart in Ranger, WV