2006: GRANTSVILLE LANDMARK RAZED - Janerio's Intricate Stonework Gone


Grantsville landmark to be replaced by office building


A Grantsville building has been razed and scavengers were sorting through the debris yesterday.

A sign says "free stone," referring to what made the building unique, native cut stone constructed by Spanish immigrant Joe Janerio, who built many of the town's walls during the Great Depression.

The owner is making way for an office-retail business he plans to construct on the site.

Joe Janerio was a cut-stone craftsman
and artist, but such things come to an end

The structure, originally built by George Richards, and used by Albert and Gladys Weaver Stump for their garage and service station (Stump's Auto Service) starting in the 1930s, has in recent years been an office for State Farm Insurance and a medical supply company.

Over the years it has also been used for auto sales and a physicians office.