SUSAN "STARR" FREEMAN DIES - Former Chronicle Reporter

Former Calhoun Chronicle reporter Susan "Starr" Freeman, 55, has died in Virginia Beach VA, after suffering a massive stroke Friday night.

She had been in ill-health for the last several years, with multiple ailments.

Susan "Starr" was the reporter for the local weekly newspaper for several years, often delving into issues that caused considerable controversy, sometimes trying to report on issues that are commonly reported in places other than Calhoun.

"I had no training as a writer, and never pretended to have the skills," she said, "but I gave it my best effort, which sometimes caused problems."

"I often just quoted what people said, and that became the problem," Freeman said.

"Carl Morris was really good to me and backed me 100%," she said, even when controversy swirled.

She was often the brunt of parodies in the Hur Herald, but took them in good spirit.

Her daughter, Michelle, says the family will be making arrangements for her cremation, her ashes are to be scattered in the Atlantic Ocean, and some brought to Stinson, Calhoun County and also to Canada.

Her body is being cremated.