The church has been a stalwart part of the community
for 100 years, experiencing growth with a new church
in 1984 and more recently the Family Life Center

The celebration started Saturday with
a sit-down dinner in the Family Life Center

By Bob Weaver 2006

This weekend was the two-day centennial celebration of the Brooksville Baptist Church.

Hundreds came to the church along the Little Kanawha River, not far from its original foundation, including lots of former members who have moved away and second and third generation descendants of the stalwart parishioners.

"The celebration has been a stirring time in my life," said pastor C. W. McDonald, praising the work of the parishioners of the church over the past 100 years. "A big part of our mission has been reaching out to young people," he said.

"This is a wonderful celebration," said Ruth Bartlett, a 72-year-member of the congregation, who with Bessie Basnett, the oldest member, in addition to Francis Cain, were the official bell ringers announcing the 100th year service.

Saturday evening, the event started with a sit-down dinner in the church's Family Life Center. Over 250 registered for the dinner.

David Cain (left) served as master of ceremonies for the event and Pastor C. W. "Mac" McDonald (right) welcomed those who came for the weekend

"It has been a glorious celebration, not only bringing our members together, but seeing people who returned to be with us" said Sue Williams, one of the organizers. She expressed appreciation to church members and many others who dedicated several hundred hours of "hard work to make it happen."

"The church has a wonderful history of low-points and triumphs," said parishioner Alfred Ray Holbert III, who worked on the church history and presented highlights throughout the weekend.

"At moments in time Christ entered the church and did what was necessary to move it forward," Holbert said, "The church has been a part of my life since a child, looking out my window to see its presence."

Jim Sullivan displays DVD celebrating the church "Through the Years," with Ray Holbert narrating church history on TV screen

Two special one and one-half hour DVDs of the church's history "Through the Years" has been produced by Jim Sullivan, and will be available for sale for $20.

"It's an amazing production that will really keep your interest, even if you're not a church member," said Holbert.

The "spiritually-moving" DVD production features history, old photos, music and life in the greater Big Bend area, spanning the past 100 years.

It is available by contacting Jim Sullivan at 304-477-3489 or jsulli56@yahop.com

The two-day celebration featured a number of speakers, sermons, and lots of music, including selections by the Centennial Choir and the well-known 'Gospelaires' .

The celebration concluded yesterday afternoon with the Centennial Choir singing "Now Go In Peace"

"It is the people here at this place
that make it worthwhile for me." - Pastor McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cain visit with friends

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Holbert have fun with their grandchild

Raymond Baker shares meal with Pastor and Mrs. C. W. McDonald

The Daniel Cain family enjoy the celebration