Industry's store and post office has fallen to the ground

The village once had several houses ...

... now mostly empty

Few old-timers are left to remember days of prosperity ...

... several are resting in unmarked graves at the Maze Cemetery

By Bob Weaver 2005

The Village of Industry on Munday Road near the Calhoun-Wirt line, is rapidly decaying, once a thriving little village with a store, post office and houses.

How it got its mighty name - Industry - is unknown.

It rose up in the late 1800s to peak during the oil and gas boom years during the early decades of the 1900s, flourishing because it was near the Little Kanawha River.

Since we last photographed the old store a few years ago, it has collapsed.

"The store and post office and the white house with pillars belonged to my grandfather and grandmother, Archie and Dora (Bell) Rose," writes Bonnie Mills Cheesman.

If you know some history or legend about the village, we'd like to hear from you.