JULY 2001: IT'S A GREAT NEWS DAY - "Goob" Is Improving, Heiney's Cows Are Back, Virden's Dog Returns, And There's A Truly Honest Man

By Bob Weaver 7/07/2001

"Goob" Fitzwater may have received his last surgery yesterday. Charlie Heiney reports his herd of cows are back on his Hur-Joker ridge farm. Catherine Virden's well-known Grantsville dog "Bubby" has been found and Bonnie Bird is grateful to an honest Foodland employee.

"Goob" Fitzwater, being treated for injuries received in a tractor accident on July 2, may be taken off the ventilator Friday, according to dad, Rick Fitzwater. Yesterday screws were inserted in his pelvis. "It is possible they might sit him up tomorrow," he said. "It will be two to three months before he can stand." He said "barring problems, this could be the last surgery."

Catherine Virden went to the courthouse on Tuesday to the Assessor's Office to pay the dog tax on her favorite "Bubby," who trotted along and waited dutifully outside the door. The animal is a well-known pet around Grantsville, and is always at her side. When Catherine came out of the Assessor's office, the dog had vanished and she began the search.

"Bubby" Takes A Fourth of July holiday

With no dog in sight, Catherine figured he might have been locked-up in the county courthouse, so Circuit Clerk Shelia Garretson and others came and unlocked the building on July 4th, with no dog found.

About noon yesterday, July 5, a worker went to the third floor "attic" of the courthouse to discover Bubby, who is getting on in age. He was anxious to see human beings and after some serious water drinking was returned to Catherine.

Grantsville town employee Bonnie Byrd had a long day, but still went to Foodland to purchase groceries yesterday evening. She brought them home, and while unloading the bags she said there was knock at the door. "Ronnie Hannah, a carry-out from Foodland said he had something that belonged to me," said Bonnie. He returned a plastic case which contained $375 in "Avon money" which was left in the shopping cart. "I hadn't missed it," she said.

"I am so grateful to this young, honest man," she said. "I just wanted people to know about him."

We should not forget the couple in the Leatherbark wreck, Johnson and Graffius, who seemed to escape without serious injury, and the others who have been challenged in seven other accidents these past six days.

There really is good news.