CALHOUN'S SESQUICENTENNIAL 1856-2006 SLIPPED BY - Flashback 1956 Centennial, Dancing In The Streets

2006 was Calhoun's 150th anniversary.

Fifty years previously was the centennial celebration (1956), which brought folks out of every holler in the county to celebrate the event.

It was a time when people were still connected to the place they live.

The centennial pageant on the old high school field was crowded every night, and the streets day and evening had wall-to-wall people enjoying the event.

There was dancing in the streets in front of the courthouse, along with other big events throughout the five-day celebration.

The 150th anniversary in 2006 was not celebrated, except a school assembly, with recognition by the historical society and articles on the Hur Herald.

Things have changed.

The late Gary Campbell, who provided these pictures, says "If you zoom in you're likely to find one of your relatives."

(Photos compliments of Gary Campbell)