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Hur Herald News Photos 2005

Christopher Cox being taken to Grantsville arraignment
by Sgt. Darrin Campbell and Cpl. Doug Starcher,
following the brutal murder of a Letherbark man

Christopher Cox, with attorney Greta Davis, hears
judge sentence him to 45-years for slaying (Sept. 2005)

A Russett Road man identified as Ivan Hays died when his camper exploded and burned during a cold winter morning (January 2005)

Millstone resident Harless Mace dutifully prepares sugar cane for Molasses Festival squeezin' at Arnoldsburg (September 2005)

Neighbors rescue Kay Izzi after her car washed away during upper West Fork flash flood. (August 2005-Photo by Jeff Jarvis/Gale Gregory)

Old Ash homestead burns, sending flames high in
the air on Letherbark, cause unknown (October 2005)

Police and technicians clean up meth lab along
West Fork near Cremo, a sign of the times (July 2005)

Ronnie Rush talks with family and attorney after being found
guilty of murdering Warden Groves and Mary Hicks.
He was sentenced to the state penitentiary, with the WV Supreme Court ordering a retrial (January 2005)

Richard Kirby and Larry McCallister deliver food to Ellisville, Mississippi neighborhood, donated by Calhoun citizens and delivered through "Operation Neighbor", a project of Calhoun Commission (September 2005)

Calhoun resident Jim Yoak and county commissioner Rick Sampson deliver water to victims of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi (September 2005)

Country Lanes resident Lizzie Stout looks on after she
escaped from her mobile home, destroyed by fire (April 2005)

Pedestrian Loretta "Lulu" Rexroad Helmick, 30, of Normantown,
was reportedly intoxicated when she wandered in front of a car on Rt. 5, was struck and killed during the Calhoun Wood Festival (June, 2005)

Sheriff Carl Ballengee, volunteer firemen and neighbors begin
search on Gilmer hillside for missing Calhoun man Calvin
Boatright. whose body was discovered a short time later (March 2005)