EDGELL REUNION - A Rowel's Run Family Returns


The best part

The descendants of Andy and Rosa Chidester Edgell down on Rowels Run, actually the Village of Cremo, had a reunion Saturday at the Mt. Zion Community Park.

There were ten children in the Edgell bunch, Virgil, Junior, Veon, Irene, Blondena, Jennings, Emodee, Mona, Don and Betty. The old Edgell house is still standing down on Rowels.

Irene Edgell Husk, whose husband Grant recently passed away

Maxine Howell (L) and Opal Fitch of
Akron, "related through the Swigers"

Their grandparents sprung from around Doddridge and Tyler counties, Walter Vince and Mary Ellen Swiger Edgell.

The reunion has been held annually at Mt. Zion, according to Betty Edgell Smith, one of the organizers. Betty is married to Hur resident, Dale Smith of the Kerby Ridge.

Emodee Edgell Starcher and husband Bruce,
now from Boone County, Bruce tells tales
about Boone County folk-hero Jesco White

Younger than ever, Don Edgell, a Rowel's Run boy

Don Edgell's off-springs - the new Edgell Boys

The family genealogists, would rather talk than eat