2005: FLASH FLOOD STRIKES SOUTHERN CALHOUN - From Stinson To Chloe, Walker To Walnut


Arnoldsburg firemen attempting to reach woman
in vehicle that washed from roadway, just north of Oka Road
(Photo by Earlene Thomas)

Hill-to-hill water on George King Rd. where a Walker woman had to be rescued from 2-story house, students could not reach their homes
(Photo by Rose Jarvis)

Arnie and Lisa Banfield, who have lived on Walnut
12 years, said the creek never got out of its bank
(Photo by Lisa Banfield)

A car washed off Oka Road, requiring a White Oak woman to be rescued
(Photo by Tina Brannon)

Debris blocking Walnut Road during yesterdays flash flood
(Photo by Barbara Allen)

Upper West Fork Park stage and community building at dusk
(Photos by Dana Thomas)