FLASHBACK 2005: TRAILS, BACK ROADS, MUD HOLES AND ROCKY SLOPES - Creston ATV Poker Run Draws From Several States

There were a few side challenges along Creston's ATV Run
Photo courtesy of Tammy McFarland

Survivors of the 50-mile trek (L to R) Tim and Diana Miller,
Tara and Mark Miller, Jackie Summers and Peanut Bunch

Resting and cooling under Creston shade

It was a 50-mile run over the river and through the woods, mud holes and rocky slopes - the annual Creston ATV Poker Run was held Saturday.

Among this year's big cash winners, 1st prize of $741 went to Connie Boggs, 2nd price of $247 to Nick Lemley and 3rd prize of $247 to Josh Taylor.

The event keeps drawing a bigger crowd every year, with 247 riders entering the competition, according to organizer Rodney Lynch.

The run covers some of the areas best back woods in Wirt, Calhoun and Roane counties. Besides being a scenic ride, there are a few challenging climbs and even some optional mud bogs for the daring.

Alvin Engelke, who helps with the event, said "It just keeps getting bigger. The folks really have a great time."

The event is a fundraiser for the Creston Community Building.

Creston's Rodney Lynch is an organizer of the popular event
Photo courtesy of Tammy McFarland

John Starcher (left) of Spencer and his
father-in-law Ronnie Brisendine (right) enjoy the day

"Hey, give this guy a hand!"
Photo courtesy of Tammy McFarland

Waiting for the winners ...

Bob and Denise Parcell accompanied 32 riders from the
Akron area, saying "This is one of the best events, each year"