A REALLY BIG FISH - LK Muskie Measures 47", Sier's Catches First Trout


Ferrell's "really big one" caught in Little Kanawha

Mouth of Musky and all those sharp teeth are pretty eerie

Chris Ferrell, one of Calhoun's dedicated muskie fishermen, caught this big boy yesterday in the Little Kanawha below Big Bend. It was about as good as it gets around here - 47" long and 30 pounds. The state record is 53".

In this case he caught it on a trot line, although Ferrell has caught most of them on a rod. "I've caught four over 40", but this is the best one, all these years," Ferrell said.

Some of the best muskie fishing is right here in Calhoun and environs, but it does take dedication to catch the feisty monsters. "About 50 hours of fishing for each one," he said.

Then there is a first-time fisherman Justin Siers with his first trout.

Justin Siers, age 9, of Chloe, caught his first trout
in the Greenbrier river this past weekend