"THIS OLE INJUN DON'T CARE A STRAW" - Old Civil War Vet Faces Judge

A Civil War veteran was brought before the Calhoun Court in 1911.

"One of the most comic features of the term, though with enough seriousness to change the smile of amusement to a gaze of pity," wrote the reporter.

Thomas Westfall of the Left Hand Fork of Steer Creek, was indicted for carrying a revolver.

Westfall was "illiterate and seemingly irresponsible" as he stood before the judge.

Entering his guilty plea, he offered profuse apologies and explanations, recited his past history, addressed the Judge as "pardner."

He explained that he would not feel bad if he was "co't martialed and shot, sent to the gallows, or pen or put in jail, this ole Injun don't care a straw whether he lives or dies no how."

The judge issued a fine of $50 and costs and six months in jail.