MISSY'S WEEK OF SURVIVAL - Hope Rests With Drug Induced Coma

A week has passed since the tone of the holiday season was tragically marred for the Oshoway family.

Melissa "Missy" Oshoway, the young daughter of Grantsville attorney John Oshoway and his wife Sue, was critically injured when she was thrown from a car after it crashed with an oncoming vehicle.

She was life-flighted from the accident scene at Pt. Pleasant to St. Marys Hospital in Huntington, where she remains in guarded condition.

Physicians have said there is hope in passing through those first hours, and she has.

It would be an understatement to say it has been an emotional roller coaster for the Oshoway family these past seven days. Missy, suffering from head trauma, has been touch and go, variously improving and getting worse and improving - a struggle for life.

Now she is in a drug induced coma, a medical treatment used to stabilize trauma patients, preserving every ounce of energy and life toward healing.

Yesterday, Melissa's vital signs were good and the pressure on her brain was down.

Meanwhile, family and friends have been at St. Marys Hospital, praying and waiting and hundreds of prayer chains remain active from Calhoun County and across America and hundreds of others, if not thousands, report their concern and prayers that she survive this ordeal.

Cards have been pouring into St. Marys Hospital.

If you would like to send a card:

Melissa Oshoway
St. Mary's Hospital
2900 1st Avenue
Huntington WV 25702