Calhoun's new E-911 building is moving ahead with a lot of volunteer help, according to E-911 Advisory Board President Jerry Riggs. "The volunteers have been completing a number of projects about every week," said Riggs.

The insulation for the building was just put in place.

A heating and cooling system is next for installation in the spacious, modern building which will eventually house Calhoun Control.

Jerry Riggs shows completed work

Riggs said money has been tight, and everybody from Hartshorn Building Contractors to 911 employees, Advisory Board members and community volunteers have been helping.

The Calhoun County Board of Education gave a 99-year lease on the property behind Calhoun Middle-High School.

"Much of the money for basic construction has come from Budget Digest grants obtained by Delegate Bill Stemple," he said.

911 Director Joe Tanner said he is hopeful a grant from Homeland Security will purchase a radio tower and provide cash for other completion.