MOUNTAIN LION FEEDBACK - Big Cats In Them Thar Hills?

MOUNTAIN LION SPOTTED? - Early last summer I briefly saw a large cat cross the road. I live on Island Run,( Roane County) only a couple miles from Sunny Cal, off Pink Road.

It was early in the morning and I was driving off the hill on my way to work. I was perhaps 50 yards away when it crossed the road in front of me.

It was the color of a deer and was moving very fast, Head to tail appeared to nearly fill the width of the road. It was much to low to the ground to be a deer and moved to fast.

In years past I have seen the tracks of big cats, a pair of them, large and small, I assumed a male and female walked across my freshly diced garden, about 200 yards from our home on top of Island Run hill.

Alan Brant

SCREAMED LIKE A WOMAN! - I was reading your article about the mountain lions. When I came to the part about them screaming like dying women, this sent shivers down my spine.

Just a few years ago, when we lived on a farm on Little Creek Road, I was "exploring" up the hollow in front of our house. I did this quite frequently, as there was nothing better to do.

I had been out for awhile and was rather far from home when I heard this horrible screaming sound that just echoed though the hollow.

I was certain that someone was being murdered and I was probably going to be next.

The screams went on for what seemed like forever and it sounded just like a woman.

I was terrified, I ran as fast as my legs would go. To this day, I have never went up that hollow alone again. I am now assuming that this sound was in fact a mountain lion and not a dying woman, thanks to your article. That puts the mind to ease, a little.

Kelly (Arthur) Edwards

If you have a Calhoun mountain lion spotting, we'd like to hear from you.