"JOYCE PICKED A $25,000 TICKET" - Arnoldsburg Lottery Winner Gives A Bonus


Joyce Newell got a pleasant surprise at work yesterday

"I joked with Joyce, saying she always picked the losers," said Fred Kohnow, who by habit has been dropping by Speedy Mart at Arnoldsburg on a daily basis and buying three "Cash 25" lottery tickets.

"I always do the easy pick," said Kohnow, telling one of the store's employees if he won he would give her a bonus.

Speedy Mart's Joyce Newell of Orma got a $250 bonus, because Kohnow just won the $25,000 lottery.

Kohnow came to the store yesterday and gave her roses and cash.

"I said she always picked losers, but I was wrong"

Kohnow said he won the "Cash 25" in 1998, so this is his second big win.

"We're gonna try again," said Kohnow.