By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

Santa Claus will be having breakfast with the children Saturday December 18 starting at 9 A. M. and running through 1 P. M. at the Creston Community Building. Photographs can be obtained with the little ones on Santa's lap, etc. and a hearty breakfast of, among other things, biscuits and gravy, will be served. A donation of non-perishable food to the Hope Shop will be the admission to the event and a box for the donations is at the community building. Of course the "young at heart" can come and have breakfast with Santa too and even perch on his ample lap. For details call Donna Sue at 275-3202. Also, donations for fruit baskets for the elderly and shut in are needed.

Those who keep their calendars marked for auctions should note that the next Creston auction will be January 8, 2005 at 6 P. M. at the community building. Corn bread and beans will be served too.

Jessie "Midge" Stutler, age 90, passed away at a Parkersburg hospital. She had not been well for some time. She was the widow of William Stutler who was known for his stone cutting skills and known as a trapper and fisherman.

Matthew Copen's chariot died on him whilst on a journey to Parkersburg. He is now looking to do an engine exchange.

Mary Wolverton who suffered a bad stoke is making a recovery that amazes her therapists. While she has a long way to go she has shown what a person can do when they have determination, a sense of humor and other traditional values.

While it is no longer politically correct according to some of the "elite," the local area continues to prepare for a traditional Christmas Holiday. In case any might have missed it there is a culture war going on for America (along with the Terror War) and the intent was made clear when the Cupertino California school authorities banned the use of the Declaration of Independence in their school classes as it had "religious connotations and was not suitable". The Creston news writer's great aunt Margaret Lelia Cretcher lived in Cupertino during her later years. In those days it was known for the fruit that was grown. Now it seems that the fruits are running the show.

Clive Sheppard, the 94-year-old gunsmith and retired educator, [he once taught at Creston] has the Creston News delivered to him each week by a comely brunette. Either he looks forward to the message or maybe the messenger.

Speaking of comely brunettes, the one with the sparkle in her eye invited a fellow to dinner.

The price of local crude oil fell $1.75/bbl Saturday to $37.25/bbl. Speaking of oil, the U. N. "Oil for Food" program for Iraq has now turned out to likely be the biggest ($$ wise) scandal in history. In addition to the current UN boss and the former UN boss, the president of France along with powerful politicians in Russia, China, Germany, and United Kingdom have been found to be on the take from the "humanitarian program that was to provide food for hungry Iraqi children", etc. News organizations that likewise were on the take claimed that the meanies in America were causing starvation in the desert sands when the money was being used to build palaces, buy weapons, venal politicians, etc. While not yet named it appears that Mark Rich (who formerly owned the aluminum plant in Ravenswood) was involved. He gave lots of money to a former president whose wife is running for president in 2008 and he received a pardon for the biggest IRS tax evasion case ever. It is now clear why some did not want a war in Iraq but it is also clear that part of the money was being used to fund terror, perhaps even the 9/11 activities.

Both Juanita Bell and Joe Cunningham have been on the sick list.

M. C. Pursley was attending to business in Creston one day last week.

Charles Russell was shopping at Brownie's Bakery in Marietta. Brownie's has a widespread reputation for fine baked goods. Charles & Euell were consulting their podiatrist and attending to business in Parkersburg. They were also dining at a posh Parkersburg eatery with a western motif.

Robert L. Phillips and Brian Vaughn installed a new stove at the Russell residence.

Internationally known photographer Sam T'ang held a photo shoot at Jane Engelke's store, Elizabeth Michaels, in Parkersburg.

The local area continues to receive rain although Saturday evening it was almost snow. The continued wet weather has brought many outside projects to a halt.

Martha & Todd Brabson were visiting Kathy Badgett & family and were calling on Bonnie and Eugene Buck recently. Martha is the daughter of Linda (Webb) and Jessie Ferrell. They had a great time visiting the home country, relatives, friends, etc.

Samantha, the comely baker of Brownies, participated in the Junior Miss Merry Christmas pageant in Braxton County on her birthday and won second runner-up in her age group as well as winning the prettiest smile and the most beautiful overall. Ashley Conley of Calhoun County won first runner-up in her age category.

Anna Reno held a birthday party for Alley Oop Westfall. Those present included Jeannie, Jeff and Austin Westfall, Mary Reno, Alice Flowers, Melissa & Jeremy Ferrell, Matthew Copen and the honoree.

The Old Lizard was visiting the lovely Doreen Parsons down near Parkersburg High School.

Anna Engelke was attending to business in Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will meet Tuesday, December 21 at 7. P. M. in Elizabeth.