State Police in Clay County have arrested two men for assaulting an off-duty Calhoun County deputy sheriff in October.

Ron Bandy received multiple injuries during an altercation in front of Froggy's Lounge at Big Otter.

Robert James King has been charged with battery and brandishing.

Both men have reportedly been released on bond.

State Trooper B. G. Wriston said Bandy was trying to get Robert King into the passenger side of a Ford Mustang, when King turned and struck Bandy in the face.

"Rodney Jarvis put the Mustang in reverse knocking Mr. Bandy to the ground," said the officer, after which he continued to back up running over Bandy's legs.

The officer said Jarvis then drove the vehicle forward and ran over Bandy again.

Jarvis, King and a third man identified as Robert Greathouse then left the scene, said Wriston.

Jarvis and King reportedly returned to the scene driving a flatbed truck, with King "hanging out the side window, brandishing and firing a firearm."

The men left the scene again, according to the report.

Deputy Ron Bandy was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center where he was treated for several days.

State Police took statements from six individuals at the scene, in addition to Bandy.

Deputy Bandy has returned to work.