Taken from Council Minutes Dec. 6, 2004

Town Recorder Phyllis Maze filled in for Mayor Neil Blankenship who could not attend.

Grantsville's Town Council has approved free parking through the month of December.

Recorder Maze reported that Teed and Associates had requested an extension with the 2003-04 audit, and it was granted by the State Auditor's Office, with the audit scheduled to be completed by Jan. 31, 2005.

Maze reported the town had received a gasoline tax reimbursement in the amount of $1,497.48.

Councilman Keith Smith gave a Recycling Committee report, with the committee visiting the recycling center at Cabot Station. Smith said the committee will look at recycling efforts being made by the Town of St. Marys.

Smith said the most impressive part of the visit to Cabot Station was watching a big black bag of cans being crushed into a square foot cube. The town is currently recycling cardboard.

The recycling committee is Helen Morris, Neil Blankenship and Keith Smith.

The Ordinance Committee was scheduled to meet December 8, including Cheryl Davis, Charles Whipkey and town attorney Kevin Postalwait.

Considerable time was spent regarding the handling of town employee's vacation days, and council went into executive session to discuss the issue. Council rescinded and earlier motion not to pay for unused vacation days at the end of the year.

Citizen Don Kelley reported that a ditch going up Southside hill needed to be cleaned of leaves and a deep hole in the ditch is causing a hazard. He also asked that some fine gravel be put on the town hall parking lot to take care of standing water.

Barking dog problems were reported by Cheryl Davis and Loretta Smith.

Report on Town Hall Committee (see earlier story).

Council members attending, Keith Smith, Loretta Stevens, JoAnn Stevens, Charles Whipkey and Cheryl Davis