PICK YOUR PATH TO HEALTH - Program Dedicated To Promoting Women's Health

Submitted by Barb McKown

Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, Inc. is excited about a new program beginning in January, 2005. Pick Your Path to Health (PYPTH) is a twelve-month program dedicated to promoting women.

MHHCC is looking for 30-35 women who are interested in taking control of their lives and becoming empowered. The PYPTH group will meet once a month at a designated location to address a set topic. Topics discussed will include, spirituality, physical activity, weight management, alcohol use, mental health, health care access, drug abuse, family, disease prevention, violence prevention, tobacco use, and responsible sexual behavior.

There will be refreshments available at each meeting. Transportation through the Little Kanawha Bus Company has been arranged as well. Each participant will receive little incentives, such as, a small stipend and other goodies. Day care services will be offered for women who have children in the home.

During each meeting there will be a warm-up followed by a discussion of the topic or a guest speaker. Next there will be an activity or demonstration. Each meeting, there will be time to address personal goals set by the women and will give each participant the chance to receive encouragement and support. During the month, a coach will personally meet with or contact each participant and offer suggestions and further encouragement in meeting personal goals. This will allow the participant to speak one-on-one with someone who can relate to what they are going through. In May, there will be a special activity to honor National Women's Health Week.

The Pick Your Path to Health program is a new and wonderful opportunity for women in Calhoun County. PYPTH has been a proven success in urban areas. Calhoun County is the first rural area to be given the opportunity to participate in the program. MHHCC looks forward to offering PYPTH to the ladies of Calhoun County. Women of all ages are welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group , please contact Barb McKown at 354-9244 extension 235, you will be mailed a participation form. Forms may also be picked-up at Minnie Hamilton Health Care Center, CRI, WVDHHR, Calhoun County Library and at the Committee on Aging.