CHS FOOTBALL PLAYERS RECOGNIZED - "This Team Had An Unselfish Commitment"


The "retiring" football seniors of 2004 were recognized by the coaching staff, including (L-R) Justin Price, Dustin Carpenter, Dustyn Nichols ...

... Matt Harris, Travis Brady, Jake Perkins and Mike Batten

LKC PLAYERS RECOGNIZED (See earlier Herald story)

"I want to thank the parents for so many good young men," said Coach Bryan Stern (pictured left) at last night's CHS Football Team Recognition Night.

Stern said "This team had an unselfish commitment to do what was best for the team, ending the season with a 5-5 record.

Stern took time to speak about each players accomplishments and contributions to the Red Devils, saying "This was the best 5-5 team I've ever seen," recalling a comment of the Braxton County coach who said it was the hardest game his team played all season.

Stern and his coaching staff recognized the efforts of the squad, following a dinner held in the commons area.

Longtime Red Devils film producer Jim Sullivan was recognized presented taped highlights of the season for the players, coaches and parents. The DVD or video tape is available by contacting Sullivan.

Captains (left to right) Chad Conley, Andrew Cummings and Paul Goodrich

Players recognized coach Stern for his efforts in 2004