The trials and tribulations of America's biggest lottery winner continues.

Jack Whittaker, who won $315 million in 2002, has been arrested for DUI for the second time.

State Police say troopers were not surprised to find record Powerball winner Jack Whittaker with $117,000 in cash when he was arrested Tuesday night along the West Virginia Turnpike.

Police responded after Whittaker wrecked his Hummer near the southbound tollbooth at the North Beckley exit. He was taken to a hospital, complaining of back pains, before he was taken to jail.

Authorities say Whittaker was also charged with carrying a dangerous weapon without a license after a pistol was found in his boot. He is also facing traffic-related charges.

Whittaker's problems have become legendary since he won the lottery.

His list of problems will likely fill a book someday.