Caden Arnold with his buck kill

8 Point buck taken from the Bowman-Fluharty
farm in Annamoriah, by David Fletcher

Everyday life has halted.

Hope you don't need a plumber or much of any skilled help this week.

It's deer huntin' week in West Virginia.

The two-day deer kill totals that have been checked at Calhoun's seven checking stations - 838.

A few does are among the total count.

No giant rack deer exceeding 10-pt. have been checked.

Cha-Tis (Grantsville) 76 buck/14 doe = 90 total, with one 9-pt. buck checked.

Five Forks General Store (Five Forks) 51 total.

Nelly's General Store (Minnora) 89 buck/47 doe = 136 total, reported that Dennis Helmick killed a 10 pt. buck with 30" spread, Glen Metheney killed a 10 pt. buck and at least five 9-pt. bucks were checked.

Holbert's (Big Bend) reports 164 total, Dillon Wager killed a 10 pt. buck and Connie Boggs of Creston killed a 9-pt. buck.

Parson's One Stop (Pleasant Hill) 70 bucks/37 does = 107 total, one 9-pt. checked.

Speedy Mart (Arnoldsburg) 190 total, one 10-pt. checked.

Pit Stop (Mt. Zion) 100 total, Justin Hartshorn checked a 10-pt. and Logan Wilson checked a 9-pt.