Transcribed from Calhoun Chronicle by Norma Knotts Shaffer

Last Thursday was a day of great pleasure to most of Grantsville's younger set, as well as Thanksgiving. One of the most enjoyable affairs it has ever been our good fortune to participate in was a hunt on that day.

A party consisting of Misses Stella Stump, Ethel Stump and Maude Barr, and Messrs. C.E. Smith, R.P. Bell, Dick Hays, Rob't Hamilton, Earl Stump and the writer, each mounted on a good horse, left bright and early in the morning for Hog Knob with the expectation of having a fox chase, but wiley Reynard was too smooth for the pack of hounds, and succeeded in keeping his whereabouts unknown.

Nothing daunted, we turned our attention, and that of the dogs, to smaller game, with which we were more successful. (We scared several quails and rabbits almost to death).

As near noon the party repaired to the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Bell, at Henrietta, where an elegant dinner awaited, and ample justice was done it by the hunters. To say the least, the table was relieved of the burden under which it groaned.

After dinner the hunt was resumed and kept until 5 o'clock when the party reached the home of Editor C.H. Craddock, where another elegant meal awaited the crowd, and, as before, they did it justice, after which they returned home, all of the crowd very tired, but conscious of one of the most enjoyable days they had ever spent.

The writer was made a committee of one to express the heartiest thanks of the hunters to the hosts and hostesses for their kind treatment, and elegant manner in which they entertained us, which we hereby do.