It was a big fish, but not big enough to break a state record.

Lauretta Nichols of Russett caught a really large Saugeye where Steer Creek and Sycamore join the Little Kanawha.

Nichols, who avidly fishes and catches turtles (sometimes 50 pounders) said "I thought it might be a record fish," but it fell short.

Fish biologist Scott Morris came from Parkersburg to Grantsville yesterday to check the fish. The state Saugeye record is 27.1" long at 7.25 pounds.

Nichols' Saugeye was slightly over 25" long, weighing about six pounds.

The fish was likely one of the best Saugeyes caught in the Little Kanawha, and is considered a trophy fish.

Saugeye is a hybrid produced by interbreeding male Sauger and female Walleye and is generally caught during the cold months.

They are light sensitive, so the best fishing is usually in the early morning, after the suns sets, or during overcast days.