By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

A snow white hawk has been seen in the Annamoriah area. A number of area residents are quite excited with the discovery.

Rev. & Mrs. S. E. Cooper, Jr., Alvin Wiles and Don Rhodes were all attending to business in Elizabeth.

It was reported that Greg Arthur will be moving over on the other side of Elizabeth Hill.

Local residents picked tomatoes on election day. Locally, turnout was about the highest in recent memory with the Burning Springs precinct not getting finished counting until 5 A. M. The local area supported the president in a big way, many citing defense of the nation and many others citing the other fellow's support for partial birth abortion, etc. Nationwide it was made clear that many, in fact most, took heed to the warning set forth in Genesis 19. Several thought that the election reflected II Samuel 23: 3 - 4. However, in and leading up to 2008 one might do well to read I Kings 16: 31 up through II Kings 9: 37.

Pat Smith went down to the court house to renew her license and was told, "Hey, you were the dead patient came alive at the Creston Halloween party."

Mike Hastings, a spokesman for Benson truck bodies reported that they cannot find qualified welders for their business and an area oilman reported that he couldn't find a person with CDL license to drive truck and move heavy equipment. It is understood that the shortage of workers will only worsen. One fellow said that the only reason the Oklahoma oil fields didn't have a shortage of men, as is the case locally, was the presence of the Mexicans.

Alvin Wiles was calling on C. Glen Arthur while Glennie Edward Arthur was among those calling on Mr. & Mrs. R. W. Arthur.

Nancy Engelke and Susan Myers spent the weekend visiting Anna Engelke in Middletown Virginia. They also visited Leesburg and Anna's new workplace, Mid Atlantic Tours.

Sierra Starcher provided special singing for the Burning Springs M. E. church while Rev. Paul Williams gave the message. There will be a gospel sing, bake sale and food sale on Saturday, November 13, starting at 1 P. M. All singers, musicians and the public are invited. It seems that the termites made an invasion of the building and funds must be secured to kill the pests and repair the church.

Jacques Frost came again to the Creston area but tender tomatoes and other plants were not harmed. No doubt this situation will not last long.

A nice four point came in contact with a blue car just before the Creston bridge. While the automobile was knocked out of commission the deer ended up with an antler stuck 4" in the black top. One fellow who was on the scene said the buck was so mangled that there was no good meat left in him.

Naomi Ferrell reported that it was she and Patricia Nida that put out the fire the night the hoodlums set the Bush/Cheney sign ablaze.

Alvin Engelke, along with Ginnie Patton and Margaret Grimm, motored to Morgantown to look for William Rodman Hopkins' grave. A veteran of the War of 1812, he is Alvin's great, great grandfather. The trio visited the Burnt Meeting House Cemetery off duPont Road near Morgantown where a new marker has been set for Aaron Henry, a veteran of both the Revolution and Lord Dunmore's War. His grandson, Nathan Henry married Susan Hopkins, a sister of Francis Marion Hopkins who lived at Creston. A formal dedication service by the DAR will be held at 1 P. M. on Armistice Day, Nov. 11.

Burl Postalwait was attending to business in Creston.

Folks who live on the road going down to the Boggs & Bingman farms report that overweight logging trucks are now destroying the narrow blacktop roadway. They are not happy campers as they sit and watch their road destroyed. Of course the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk River don't really care one whit.

Speaking of the folks down at the Mouth of the Elk, their plans to eradicate the existing counties took it on the chin again when Wirt County renewed the operating levy. However, it should never be forgotten that the master plan is to cut the state down to about 5 governing units (administrative districts) which means that the bright lights have to be kept on them. Presently Brooks McCabe, a Charleston real estate mogul and state senator is leading the move "to modernize and go to the 21st century." Of course it is interesting that the rest of the nation has stayed with county government. In fact most states still have townships and local control of education and roads that were abolished in "the great leap forward"in West Virginia back in 1933 as part of the socialistic "New Deal".

The price of local crude oil is now $46/bbl. One fellow noted that the price of crude fell after the election. There were those who felt that Mark Rich who received a Billary/Hillary Clinton pardon, & who like George Soros, is an international manipulator was trying to hurt the president with high fuel prices.

Local residents are getting their biological clocks reset as a result of the change back to standard time.

A lot of construction equipment has been going up the Richardsonville road as well as numerous deliveries by FedEx. It was learned that the new delivery company that has been advertised on the Tee Vee is a subsidiary of a foreign government postal system.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, November 16 at the road garage in Elizabeth at the regular winter meeting time. There will be a report on the state annual meeting.