By Gaylen Duskey

Theoretically Calhoun could still make the playoffs. But to do that it would take a more amazing set of numbers than it would have for John Kerry to win Ohio.

The truth of the matter is that the Calhoun football team is playing for itself tonight - nothing more, nothing less.

With a 4-5 record going into the game at St. Marys the Red Devils can only hope for a break-even season and .500 isn't enough to make the playoffs even with the tough Class A schedule the Red Devils played.

On the other hand St. Marys is 6-3 and a win over Calhoun would put it in the playoffs. A loss … and like Calhoun it will be putting the uniforms away.

That - knocking St. Marys out of the playoffs - and pride is what Calhoun is playing for tonight.

It is a test of the mettle of Calhoun, both as a team and as individuals.

The teams have four common opponents - Ritchie, Doddridge, Wirt and Williamstown. The scores are very comparable against all opponents with Calhoun appearing to have a slightly better defense and St. Marys a better offense, at least on paper.

However, St. Marys ran up a lot of the 36.6 points a game it scored against weak teams like Beckley Christian, Williamstown and Clarksburg Notre Dame. The Blue Devils, like Calhoun, lost every game to tougher teams. The difference is St. Marys did not play many tough teams, losing every game to teams with winning records.

But games are not played on paper. Games are played - at this time of the year - on near grassless, muddy fields with a cold wind stinging your hands. Incidentally, that's the weather forecast for tonight.