You may get upset with graphic reporting by some media outlets, but newspaper accounts in Calhoun County one hundred years ago dispensed a clear description of what happened with an equal dose of what the reporter thought about the situation.

This event was transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer in MOMENTS IN TIME on the Herald:

The Calhoun County jail was the scene of another bloody and maybe fatal conflict last Saturday morning (May 8, 1894).

One David Welch, who stands 6 ft. 10 in. tall in his bare feet and Harvey George Sampson got into an altercation over some trifling matter.

David decided to knock Sampson out.

So the first round was fought without any special damage to either, but in the second round Sampson got hold of a good sized rock and proceeded to demolish the pimple that surmounts David's body - commonly called his head.

Several bad gashes were cut about Welch's head and face.

It is claimed by some that the skull was fractured and that the physician that dressed his wounds had taken out a small piece of the skull.

We are not prepared to say whether the tax payers of the county could afford to pay the funeral expenses if they had killed each other or not, especially if they had to pay for the ground necessary for Welch's grave.