CAN JUDGES BE BOUGHT AND SOLD? - West Virginians Will Decide


Strange bedfellows, crooked brokering and downright stealing in West Virginia politics is well-known.

Sometimes the stealing doesn't look like stealing.

Voters must now be alert to the decisions of the newest member of the Supreme Court, Republican Brent Benjamin, who just used about $3 million from Massey Coal and CEO Don Blankenship to get elected to the Supreme Court, defeating incumbent Justice Warren McGraw.

Other millions were donated to his campaign by vested interests to a group that used "saving children" as the reason to defeat McGraw.

Coal companies stand to gain multi-millions of dollars if the high court rules in their favor.

Benjamin should excuse himself from multi-million dollar Massey and other coal suits that are on the Supreme Court's doorstep.

A $60 million suit against Massey is coming before the court.

Will he? Not likely.

McGraw's fellow Democratic justice, Elliott "Spike" Maynard, has reportedly had cozy dinners with Blankenship at one of Charleston's most pricey restaurants and then attended Benjamin's victory celebration.

He too should excuse himself from court cases related to the coal companies.

He won't.

It is true most people believe McGraw is among the bizarre himself and has brought a negative cloud over his persona.

But here it comes down to money, power and politics.

If the people of West Virginia are not the losers, I'll miss my bet.