NETTLES DEFEATS DUSKEY FOR ASSESSOR - Stemple Wins Over McKown, School Levy Badly Defeated


Nettles (left) and Duskey (right) shake hands after race

Candidates and numbers crunchers work on tally

In one of Calhoun's few contested races, incumbent Jason Nettles (Democrat) defeated challenger Gaylen Duskey (Republican) 2,028 to 785.

Nettles expressed his appreciation to the voters for re-electing him for another term.

Duskey said "I would like to thank my opponent Jason Nettles for an above board, honest and civil campaign. The whole process has kept me Calhoun Proud.

A levy that would have provided supplemental funding for Calhoun Schools went down - 1,672 against and 1,033 for, with 68% of the voters opposing the measure.

The constitutional amendment to provide a bonus for recent veterans passed 1,415 to 1,153 in the county.

Delegate Bill Stemple (Democrat) defeated Republican challenger Charles McKown 2,061 to 782 in Calhoun.

In the delegate district Stemple received 4,047 to McKown's 1,679 with 92% of the vote reported.

All other county officials were unopposed.

Calhoun's new sheriff is Chief Deputy Sheriff Carl Ballengee (Democrat). He received 2,082 votes. Clint Hartshorn, who withdraw from the race with his name still on the ballot polled 433 votes.

Calhoun's ten precincts were counted before 11 p.m. last night, with one of the highest number of registered voters participating, slightly over 56%. Usually between 30-35% of voters have been casting ballots.

Two county precincts had more than a 60% turn-out, Town Precinct #6 and Big Springs Precinct #5.

There are 5,197 registered voters.

Nearly one-half of the county's registered voters did not vote.

Election workers complete task by 11 p.m. using Optical Scanner

Assessor Nettles (left) and Howard Johnson intensely collect results

UNCONTESTED (Democrats):

Shelia Garretson, Circuit Clerk 2,371

Bob Weaver, County Commissioner 2,228

Richard Kirby, County Clerk 2,409

Matt Minney, Prosecuting Attorney 2,242

Rick Postalwait, Magistrate 1,915

Teresa Robinson, Magistrate 2,188

Perry Jenkins, Magistrate 9

Doyle Hupp, Surveyor 2,233