IT WAS IN 1927

From News Reports (Compiled By Norma Knotts Shaffer)

Town Voters to Decide Pool Room Issue

Active War on Amusements Being Waged

Hot Times Promised

A special meeting of the town council was held Tuesday night and the question of whether or not pool rooms will be allowed to keep open in accordance with the laws of the state in Grantsville will be submitted to the voters at a town election.

No mention was made of regulating the length of women's skirts, amount of paint to be applied to maiden cheeks, or time of kisses between flappers and cake eaters. The latter subjects will come in for regulation later on with picture shows, croquet and dominoes.

It makes little difference to the Chronicle force personally whether pool rooms are closed or open. None of us could shoot with watermelons for balls. Being blind in one eye, the length of skirts has not bothered us for some time.

Seriously, we can see no objection to well conducted pool rooms. It seems so much better than slipping off to some barn loft or back alley for puerile, penny-ante poker. In other words recreation had better be indulged in on Main Street than under the willows on the riverbank.

Grantsville is undoubtedly a better town than it was several years ago, and regardless of how the pool issue is settled we are not headed for the bow-wows. In the event the reformers ban the pool games, we warn them to lay off croquet and dominoes.

NOTE: Election results published in a later issue show 85 for pool halls and 92 against.